Complete engines

Tired of always working on your engine? All CR Machine engines are carefully built by Frederic Chelminski. All parts are checked, measured and properly fitted to insure a reliable experience. There is a difference.

CR Machine's complete engines offer excellent performance and reliability which exceed most other engine vendors. Don't be fooled by other vendors claiming to have equal performance for less. All stock engines have issues/defects which prevent optimal performance and reliability. You will find some of these "stock" motors, fitted with a billet head being sold as "race" motors, but these engines will fall short of the mark. CR Machine's mid and high level motors have special parts and design features you will not find from any other vendor. Some of these parts are internal and cannot be seen on the outside.

Entry level Half-Breed race engine GT-5 Street Racer engine
Entry level Half-Breed race engineGT-5 Street Racer engine

$295.00 Entry level Half-Breed race engine, silver

$350.00 GT-5 Street Racer with 17mm carburetor


Special Offset Engine PK-80 w/compression release GT-5 SUPERHAMMER Racing engine
Special Offset Engine PK-80 w/compression releaseGT-5 SUPERHAMMER Racing engine

Special Offset balanced PK-80 w/compression release head

$539.00 GT-5 SUPERHAMMER Racing engine, silver only.

GT-5 SUPER Racing engine GT-5 SUPER Racing engine, BLACK
GT-5 SUPER Racing engineGT-5 SUPER Racing engine, BLACK

$475.00 GT-5 SUPER Race engine


 $475.00 GT-5 SUPER Race Engine, BLACK

MPG-38 engine, NEW GT-5L race engine
MPG-38 engine, NEWGT-5L race engine

$285.00 MPG-38 engine for stock exhaust

$617.00 The amazing GT-5L powerhouse! Limited stock!

 The engines for sale here are intended for NON ROAD USE. These engines produce power above that which is legal for street use and therefore are intended for racing use only on approved race circuits. Fred Chelminski or CR Machine will not be held responsible for damage of property, injury or death from the use of any of CR Machine's products. Motorized Bicycles in general can be very dangerous and should only be operated by skilled and experienced users. Full protective gear should be used at all times. Even when racing on an approved race circuit, serious damage to body and property can occur.