GT-5 SUPER U-PORT cylinder body, 40mm intake
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This may not be the old "super rat" cylinder, but it's a 40mm intake!

40mm intake stud spacing.

Round exhaust port. A little exhaust port work needed. Don't raise exhaust port. Widen only.

These are not trapazoidal transfers like the super rat, and the cooling fins are smaller.

Transfer ports on these cylinders are well positioned and are rectangular. YES!

Transfer port timing is advaced, like the others. No piston bevel needed for this cylinder.

This cylinder is designed to run on the GT-5 SUPER ONLY.

Do not order this cylinder body if you do not own a GT-5 SUPER engine from CR Machine.

These cylinders are precut, and extra short. They won't work well for other motor types.

 The GT-5 SUPER platform brings improved high RPM performance with less porting work and less piston modifications.

Minimal or no exhaust port raising is necessary with the GT-5 SUPER platform.

Porting recommended for this cylinder:

First step is most important, last step is least important:

  1. Advance intake timing by lowering intake port or by piston skirt modification (2 mm, minimum).
  2. Widen exhaust port.
  3. Smooth and make both transfer ports identical.

GT-5 SUPER U-PORT cylinder body, 40mm intake

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